Lovemade Stories

In Lovemade Stories, we are a team of award-winning artists, sharing the same passion for the story and narration of stories through it.

We love what we do, we love our art. It is a way of life, a way of expression.

For us each couple is unique and has a different story to tell. The frames, the moments we live in, especially that day, the events unfolding and the feelings that emerge are valuable and we threat them us such.


What makes the result of our work stand out is the way we capture the moments, the angle with which we approach each wedding, the aesthetic.

Our goal for each couple is to create their own long-lasting album and film that will tell their own story for ever!

Awards of Excellence Honors


Our course so far has brought us first prizes

in several competitions.

/  2018 1st Place Award in Shape n’ Light Convention

/ 2018 1st Place Award B/W in PWS Convention
/  2018 2nd Place Award in Shape n’ Light Convention

/ 2018 Awarded for 2 videos in Caldera Workshop

/ 2018 Awarded for 3 videos in Inspiration Photographers
/ 2018 8 Awards of Excellence in Shape n’ Light Convention

/ 2018 2 Awards of Excellence in PWS Convention
/  2018 “Best of Greece 2018” title

/  2017 1st Place Award in Image and Tech expo
/ 2017 2 Awards of Excellence in Image and Tech expo

/  2017 "Best of Greece 2017” title


/  2016 2nd Place Award in WPV Convention

All the competitions had as judges some of the world's leading Wedding and Event Photographers and Videographers.This is just the beginning...