Lovemade Stories

"Intro // Showreel 2017"

These are the best moments of  2017, from weddings in our beautiful Greece, in Italy and more places. We're so grateful and we're looking forward for more to come.


Thank you all.

Peter & Sofia


Peter and Sofia's beautiful wedding in Venice was one of the highlights of last year and there is no doubt that it went viral around the web and social media. Living in Greece, Peter and Sofia decided to have a beautiful destination day after in Venice. We traveled for a few days to create fascinating images.

If we had to describe this couple in one word, that would be Friends. We spent our time talking, smiling, taking pictures and having fun. We will remember together every single day in Venice and their images will decorate our houses.


Thank You.

Demeter & Demetrius


Demeter and Demetrius are a unique couple, as unique is the city of Tuscany which they chose.The destination highlighted their bond and love for each other.

The whole process of making their film will always be remarkable for the amazing moments and places we visited and captured together.


Thank You.

Stathis & Maria


Last October we had the pleasure to meet Stathis and Maria and document their beautiful wedding at Meteora, which is one of the most popular places in Greece. The magnificent view and the fascinating high helped us to create beautiful images for their wedding story. Stathis and Maria is one of the most kindest couples we've ever met. We will remember their love and their passion of each other.

If we had to describe this couple in one word, that would be Kindness. We're blessed meeting such a great people and learn from them that love and kindness can be one of the most beautiful compositions.


Thank You.

Nick & Nicky


Nick and Nicky from Greece, are the epitome of the reasons i consider myself fortunate for this job and for the opportunities it gives me to meet people and share personal moments with them. Such as polite and kind-hearted couple, whose warmth and perfect chemistry between us was nothing less than highly inspirational!

Thank you.

Nick & Eirini

"WPV 2nd Place"

A beautiful wedding in Karpenisi, Greece. One of the best moments in our carrier. It was a pleasure to be there and make a wonderful film with one of the most beautiful couple. It was a honor to meet this couple and spend great time at beautiful Karpenisi. So this superb wedding give us the second place in one of biggest competition in Greece.
WPV 2nd Place.

Thank you


"Image and Tech 1st Place"

A wonderful christening in Aegina, Greece. We want to create a fascinating film for this beautiful couple with his beautiful angel. That film give us the first place in one of biggest competition in Greece.

Image and Tech 1st Place.

Thank you.